TMB-image is a small company based in the south-east
corner of Norway/Scandinavia.
We work within photography. We shoot images on
behalf of varied clients such as for advertising, product-
photography and even for weddings. But we also shoot
images for ourselves. On this website we show some
photos from our image bank.

We have the opportunitie to follow the production of images from a to z using only very skilled subcontractors for printing, mounting and suspension.

Photos and categories may periodically be removed or replaced. Information regarding lease / purchase of images may be obtained by sending an e-mail - contact us.
We depend on the light in one form or another to shoot images. So what is this magical and abstract called light?
Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. It has both wave properties and particle properties. Light emits photons. Visible light is certain wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation that causes visual stimuli in the human eye. We also talk about ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR radiation), but these "colors" are outside the visible spectrum for humans and can not be perceived by the human eye. The visible spectrum has the approximate wavelengths between 380-750 nm (frequency range: 790-400 THz). The speed of light in vacuum is a constant speed c (Latin: Celeritas "quickness" or "speed"), which is currently defined c = 299,792,458 metres per second which is 1079252 848.8 km / h The light from the Sun does about 8 minutes to reach our planet - Tellus.
The way we experience light, the ability to modulate it and capture moments are amazing properties of this magic we call light. We must never take light for granted.

All images are in a low resolution version

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