the light

the light gives us the ability to see our surroundings - the light is something we are so used to having around us that very few react to it - untill it goes out in an unnatural way. the light varies during the day - and has its own characteristics at night - light varies with the seasons that we in scandinavia are so lucky to have.

i am a Norwegian photographer who is fascinated by the ability to reproduce a reality through the camera lens as i see it, the ability to manipulate real or artificial light so that the objects expression are the way i want it to be - this is what I work for.

the images are printed by customer requirements in varying sizes on high quality canvas or acid free rag paper, both documented with very long life. the images are signed and numbered in the maximum number of 25 items.

i welcome you to TBM-image. i here show you a small sample photos from my image bank. questions to purchase / use of the images may be obtained by sending me an e-mail (contact us). i also do photographing on assignment for clients. i am based in south-east norway.

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